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Fitgem v0.4.0

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I’m happy to announce that the latest Fitbit API features have been exposed through the fitgem ruby library and released as v0.4.0.

In addition to the new features, I thoroughly documented the entire library API (available here), added many more unit tests, refactored the subscriptions methods, and moved the oauth process documentation to the project wiki on github.

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v0.4.0 changelog

  • Added YARD documentation to thoroughly document code
  • DEPRECATED: Fitgem::Client#log_weight method, use Fitgem::Client#log_body_measurements instead.
    The new method allows you to log more than weight (bicep size, body fat %, etc.)
  • Added Fitgem::FoodFormType to be used in calls to Fitgem::Client#create_food
  • Added Fitgem::Client#log_sleep to log sleep data to fitbit
  • Added Fitgem::Client#delete_sleep_log to delete previously logged sleep data
  • Added Fitgem::Client#activities method to get a list of all activities
  • Added Fitgem::Client#activity_statistics method to get statistics for all logged activities
  • Added to documentation of supported endpoints for Fitgem::Client#data_by_time_range
  • Added unit tests for parameter validation for many methods
  • Overhauled notifications methods, including extensive documentation, unit tests, refactoring, and a couple of bug fixes. These methods now return both the HTTP status code and the JSON response body. See https://wiki.fitbit.com/display/API/Subscriptions-API for information on how to interpret each of the error codes.
  • Added fitgem to travis-ci for continuous integration (http://travis-ci.org/#!/whazzmaster/fitgem)
  • Added fitgem to rubydoc.info (http://rubydoc.info/github/whazzmaster/fitgem/master/frames)
  • Updated README
  • Moved OAuth documentation from the README to the fitgem wiki