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OAuth and Rails

Starting with a Rails 3.2 application with Devise installed and configured, learn how easy it is to add OAuth login support using the omniauth gem ecosystem. Includes sample code to use as a sandbox.

Environmental Studies 101

This talk discusses some Rails-related gems and tools I was using in Winter 2013 that I felt were huge productivity boosts. The slides discuss a variety of different developer-focused enhancements that make debugging and logging easier, along with a UI enhancement library thrown in for good measure because I loved how configurable it was.

Backbone.js, Rails 3.2, and Handlebars

This talk introduces some solutions to challenges that surface when you start digging just beneath the surface of Todo applications using Backbone.js and Rails. I discuss some gems and javascript libraries that make bootstrapping apps easier, help with model relationships, and end with some tips on getting started with Backbone.