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Fitgem v0.5.0

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I’m happy to announce that the latest Fitbit API features have been exposed through the fitgem ruby library and released as v0.5.0.

New features include glucose, blood pressure, and heart rate logging and retrieval methods. Documentation has also been updated to include new endpoints for the Time Series interface.

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v0.5.0 changelog

  • Added Fitgem::Client#heart_rate_on_date to retrieve heart rate data by date
  • Added Fitgem::Client#log_heart_rate to log heart rate data
  • Added Fitgem::Client#delete_heart_rate_log to delete previously logged heart rate data
  • Added Fitgem::Client#blood_pressure_on_date to retrieve blood pressure data by date
  • Added Fitgem::Client#log_blood_pressure to log blood pressure data
  • Added Fitgem::Client#delete_blood_pressure_log to delete previously logged blood pressure data
  • Added Fitgem::Client#glucose_on_date to retrieve glucose data by date
  • Added Fitgem::Client#log_glucose to log glucose data
  • Added Fitgem::Client#delete_glucose_log to delete previously logged glucose data
  • Updated README