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Whazzing.com Moved to Github

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Two things forced my hand to move my development blog off of my own Rails-based blogging codebase and onto Github Pages via Octopress:

  1. My VPS is becoming severely overcrowded with deployed apps; I use it as a testbed for a lot of ideas as well as my main swearing-at-pop-culture blog and I didn’t want to host yet another heavyweight rails app to chew through limited resources.
  2. I reaaally like the ‘one-file-per-post’ model of Octopress/Jekyll, and keeping my development blog/presentations right next to my open source code is very appealing.

Since I wrote my latest blog engine to take markdown input it was easy-as-pie to export the existing posts to files and then use them to bootstrap this Octopress site. For now I’ll ride on the default theme and see how it goes. I hope to spend more time iterating on my presentations and a bunch of C++ code that I’m working on for a work project, so it’s also a plus that I don’t have maintain the platform source tree anymore.